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Transform your business with Google Cloud.

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Why Google

Reduce risk with world-class security


Improve choice with hybrid and multi-cloud


Stay nimble with our flexible platform


Spark innovation with AI and data analytics


Benefit from Google’s ongoing innovation


Develop with fully integrated open source software


Products and Service

Protect your data, get real-time analysis information and improve efficiency.

WebEye Service

Consulting Service

  • Cloud relocation consulting service
  • Application architecture consulting service
  • Big data application consulting service
  • DevOps consulting services

Operation Management

  • Protection service
  • Health check service
  • Technology hosting services
  • Security housekeeper service

Cloud Migration

  • Cloud migration implementation service
  • Big data application implementation service
  • DevOps implementation services
  • Mobile Test Expert Service

Optimization and upgrading

  • Cloud database optimization service
  • Application architecture optimization service
  • Performance platform expert services
  • Database chief expert service