About DuoPeak

DuoPeak is a digital marketing and operation solution provider focused on the field of heavy game publishing. It aims to help global game publishing companies acquire users efficiently and accurately, and deeply integrate user habits to optimize content operations and improve game publishing efficiency.


DuoPeak serves global game publishers, including a number of top ten game publishers worldwide. The customer user groups they serve are globally distributed, and the data comes from multiple different platforms. The user data shows obvious characteristics of peaks and valleys in time and region. Therefore, they have high requirements for storage space capacity, reliability, and scalability. At the same time, because DuoPeak provides customers with in-depth user behavior analysis, it requires higher accuracy and timeliness of data analysis and concurrent processing capabilities. With the rapid development of the company's business, they have encountered major challenges in data collection, storage, and analysis. They urgently need a modern architecture data system to meet the needs of rapid business development.

Solutions provided by WebEye

After fully understanding the current status and challenges of DuoPeak's business, WebEye provided a customized professional solution based on Google Cloud for DuoPeak. By deploying the business in the cloud, it achieved rapid expansion, guaranteed business performance, and collected operational feedback through artificial intelligence. Real-time data analysis results enable timely adjustment and optimization of marketing activities.
After  considering the business needs, solution performance and cost comprehensively, DuoPeak finally chose the Google Cloud-based solution provided by WebEye among many solutions. The solution mainly includes GCP Cloud Pub / Sub, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Dataflow, Firebase, BigQuery and other services, covering data access, data storage, data preprocessing, data analysis, data insight and other scenarios, providing a complete offline & real-time big data platform solution which perfectly matches the needs of DuoPeak and solves their pain points.

BigQuery provides massive data warehouses:

BigQuery is a fully managed serverless architecture data warehouse launched by Google. Customers only pay for the storage and computing resources they used which greatly reduces the customer's investment of data platform and data team. And BigQuery separates storage from calculation, so you can easily adjust the storage scale and calculation scale according to your needs, so as to enjoy economical storage services and further reduce costs. At the same time, BigQuery's powerful query capabilities can help customers efficiently analyze massive data sets, generate operational reports in a timely manner, and deeply integrate user habits to optimize content operations.

Preemptive examples significantly reduce corporate costs:

While meeting business needs, DuoPeak also hopes that the cost of cloud resources can be controlled effectively. Therefore, WebEye helps customers use DataProc to configure elastic big data clusters and use preemptive instances for non-core businesses that do not need to run continuously.


  1. BigQuery-based data analysis and data insights help DuoPeak better integrate user habits to optimize content operations and help game poblishing companies to accurately acquire users. At the same time, by customizing game content recommendations for gamers, it improves user experience and stickiness. Game publisher revenue.
  2. Through the use of Google Cloud hosted services, as well as preemptive instances, dynamic scaling, and the use of different data storage strategies on different storage media, under the premise of meeting business needs, effectively control the cost of cloud services, and Deploying in the cloud eliminates the need for self-built computer rooms and operation and maintenance costs, and the overall operating cost of the enterprise is greatly reduced.
  3. Cloud Dataflow provides advanced stream processing functions, and provides a unified programming model that supports one-time processing for streaming data and batch data, enabling faster development of streaming and batch data pipelines.
  4. Cloud Storage has nearly unlimited expansion capacity, and its excellent design can reach 99.999999999% durability, which guarantees the long-term reliable operation of the business.

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